Sell customized products

With product our custom configurators 2D and 3D you can sell your customized products easily.
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Shirt configurators

Allowing customers to personalize their shirts by entering their own text or by choosing predefined options from a list.
Real-time preview
Automatic price adjustment
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2D configurators

Allowing your visitors to discover and choose customization options can greatly improve the user experience and increase sales.
Concise product overview
Dynamic price calculation
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For one of our clients we built a moodboard app that engages customers by creating, editing and printing their own moodboards.
Increase engagement and upsell potential
Store-wide integration
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Eyeglass builder

Help customers tailor products to their specific needs through a streamlined multi-step process where they can choose between options and provide additional details using features such as:
Document or image uploads
Custom form elements
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Product quiz

Assist customers in quickly finding the products they are looking for with engaging questionnaires that are easy to understand and complete.
Interactive recommendations
Customizable steps
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